Cygwin compilation?

Hi folks,

So ah, I got this new PC and it's all, like, fast and stuff, so I decided to install Cygwin on it and see how fast Radiance runs on it. After a few revisits to the mirror site for gcc and a bunch of knick-knacks that the Radiance install script needed (uh, like, csh for example?!!?), I think I have everything I need, but the compile proces keeps spewing errors such as these:

$ cp: `rlam' and `/usr/local/bin/rlam' are the same file
$ cp: `total' and `/usr/local/bin/total' are the same file

It seems as though the sources are compiling, but when make tries to copy the binaries to /usr/local/bin it doesn't. The source is located in /rad/install/ray. Any ideas? I know a few of you out there are running Radiance on Cygwin, but I have just about zero experience with it. Any tips or pointers to FAQs would be most appreciated.



      Rob Guglielmetti