Correct term for lighting

Hello Terrance,

The Curtin ISO does not use the local hard drive, though it can as
Knoppix 5.1.1 allows reading and writing to NTFS partitions quite
The method used with our students is to use USB memory devices/hard
drives - they are very cheap, come in a variety of sizes etc., no danger
of endangering the existing installation

Thank you for this clarification. I was considering an external hard
drive for Knoppix/Radiance;
it was a question of not wanting to deal with a further hard drive to
back up the first.
I admit that the severe warnings I read only helped to confound me more.

What terms would you recommend to use for the generic description of
light from the sun and sky dome versus man made (hence artificial or
constructed) light sources such as incandescent, etc.

I personally prefer the term 'electrical lighting' for that natural
phenomenon that is electricity,
which happens to be harnessed by man. I use 'natural light' for
Candle light I use for dinner!

Kind regards,

Angela Giladi