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Hi all!

This mail is not directly related to a technical question.

Just a short introduction of myself:

Several years ago I was "deeply" engaged in the radiance business:

What I did was to write an additional preprocessor that enables one

to handle translation invariant daylight redirection systems in the

context of Radiance. In accordance with the mkillum it

was called mktis: Make translation invariant Structure

For more information please see

As the complete simulation process required a lot of scripting

I signed up a contract with Georg Mischler <> to use these original

routines to build up a user friendly front end in accordance to Rayfront

and bring it to the market as commercial software: Raydirect.

So far the story.

My problem is that I got no response to emails regarding my outstanding

license fees for serveral monthes. I tried to contact him via

without success. So my concret question: Does anybody know an alternativ

mail address or way to contact him? I know that he was a participant of the last radiance

workshop in Berkley and so still seems to be working in this business.

Sorry for this unconventional mail in this list, but perhaps someone could help.

Thanks and regards

Thomas Schmidt


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