Construction drawings for a Heliodon ; PEC heliodon

Dear Shri,

You can find information on the PEC heliodon here:
If you want to contact the machinist who built this one, please contact me directly.

A heliodon can provide useful solar geometry.
For solar lighting, stick with Radiance.

Paul LaBerge


On Jun 27, 2013, at 6:47 AM, Aloísio Schmid <[email protected]> wrote:

Good morning.

some years ago I built a very practical helidon where the lamps supporting arch is vertical and translates along the ceiling,
but the table can be shifted.

The arch is 3.0 m diameter, made of aluminum profiles, mounted within a rigid U upside down. The translation happens by cables and fixed and movable wheels (I used thin plastic pulleys and clothe lines). It moves such that when the table is on the horizontal, the line connectiong the 6AM position (as high as the table) to the center of the table is in an angle of 23°25' to the rotation axis.

A special switch with 13 positions and off was installed.
I made several drawings and concluded that such a geometry may reproduce solar angles with enough precision, even at high latitudes.

I built it inside a dark room because that time (12 years ago) we needed contrast for our film cameras.

Everything costed me less than US$ 500.

A picture is attached. I cannot find plans any more.

Aloísio Leoni Schmid
UFPR - Curitiba - Brazil

2013/6/27 Christoph Reinhart <[email protected]>
Dear Shri,

I believe that Norbert Lechner has some construction drawings on his web site. I am usually borrowing a very simple heliodon from Lam Partners for the MIT daylighting class. The best forum to post this question on is the Society of Building Science Educators. A key discussion to have is of course what one can actually do with heliodon measurements.



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Dear All,

I am aware that this is not directly related to the discussion group but I am sure the experts here most likely have the know-how or connections related to this.

A colleague of mine would like to construct a heliodon for academic and experimental purposes at a university. Could someone please point to any resources/people with the construction drawings that can be used to construct this? (most likely this will be built by the students themselves or semi-skilled workers).

Thanks in advance,


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