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thanks for the quick response. I'll run some tests with this script.
I never actually heard about it before! Anyway, it's been a while since
I have examined the mgf file format but for the sole purpose of runninig
a few conversion tests I guess it's not really required to understand it
all :wink:

And thanks alot to all who responded!



John Mardaljevic said:


To follow on from Greg - here's a tiny shell script to carry
out the 3ds > mgf > rad in one command. I called it 3ds2rad (not knowing
there was another).

The mgfilt command (upto $nam.rad) is all one line. This command
strips out perturbations to the surface normal that may have been
added to the CAD model at some point. In my experience they have always
been spurious and best removed.

For file, say, "model.3ds", just enter:

聽聽3ds2rad model.3ds

Ignore the report "3ds2mgf: unexpected EOF".

This will produce the files:

聽聽matmodel.rad - the material description
聽聽model.rad - the geometry

You should be able to view it right away:

聽聽objview matmodel.rad model.rad


PS. I'd welcome any reports of using SketchUp to model scenes for

#!/bin/csh -f

set tds = $1

set nam = $tds:r

3ds2mgf $tds

$nam.mgf |
mgf2rad -m mat$n
am.rad >! $nam.rad

rm $nam.mgf $

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