ConRAD / 3ds2rad converter - ArchiCAD -> Radiance

In answer to your first question, 3ds2mgf is distributed with Radiance, but not built by default. To build it, switch to the ray/src/cv/mgflib directory and type the command:

  make 3ds2mgf

Then, copy the resulting executable to the appropriate directory (e.g., /usr/local/bin).



From: "Erwin Zierler" <>
Date: June 23, 2004 9:06:44 PM CEST

Hi list,

2 questions:

1. Does anyone happen to have the 3ds2rad converter from Ole Lemming?
Both his website and he himself seem to have vanished from the internet
and even after extensive search I was unable to find his converter.

2. Does anyone know a reasonable method to render an ArchCAD (6.5+)
3D model with radiance? All the DXF output options I have tried so far
were rather unsuccessful, I have not found a way to correctly
export/ translate materials or elements from ArchiCAD.

With Georg's dxf2rad I get a Radiance model, but the resulting Radiance
scene is pretty much unusable which is not Georgs fault. If I load the
DXF file into AutoCAD for examination I see that the DXF file is just
messed up with regards to layers/blocks/materials.

Any input very welcome!