ConRAD / 3ds2rad converter - ArchiCAD -> R adiance


PS. I'd welcome any reports of using SketchUp to model scenes for

I tried exporting a Sketchup model to Rad. It's been a while but I recall
having problems going directly to Radiance with dxf2rad and strata2rad. I
exported dxf and then brought that into Infini-D. I also tried going through
Bryce.. and Hash Animation Master

When finally got it into Radiance, there were too many unnecessary polygons
- I ended up Re-modelling the house.

But now, playing with the 3ds2rad script, it seems to be a much more
seamless process, not to mention maintaining material properties.

After a quick try, Sketchup export to3ds, > 3ds2rad seems to work well.

Rob F

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