Compressed (LZW) TIFFs

Hi Everyone,

For anyone who has been missing the -z option of ra_tiff, which used to generate LZW output, it is working again in the latest release, or should have been. The issue surrounded the infamous Unisys patent on LZW compression, which expired a couple of years ago. The 3.6 release was _supposed_ to have the new TIFF library with -z enabled again, but due to pilot error (mine), it never got in there.

To get the latest version, you'll need to download and recompile the overlay for 3.6 that's on the Radiance websites:

Look for the file "rad3R6P1supp.tar.gz".

If you don't know what ra_tiff is or have never used and don't intend to use this option, then feel free to ignore this message.