Compiling Radiance with the Intel (Vectorizing) C Compiler

I've got it to compile...but rpict crashes. Anyone tried this before? Did you get it to work?


Randolph M. Fritz •
Environmental Energy Technologies Division • Lawrence Berkeley Labs

* IMHO, apart from speed-ups, it'll be sound if Radiance compiled on*>>* different compilers and run.*

Good news:

Radiance can be compiled on: Intel C++ Compiler XE version 12 Update 5
Linux version (released 29 of July).
(Please make sure to download this version as the Parallel processing
suite contains an older version, that probably does not work).

The following line in the makefile Case 2: set extras=CC=gcc has to
be changed into set extras=CXX=icpc
(This invokes the Intel C++ compiler (icpc), the Intel C compiler
(icc) doesn't work (segfaults)).

For compile options I used -O3 and I ran Mark Stock's benchmark with
rpict. (I still need to try all other programs).

The time needed was 21m 4.674s. (System Intel 2600K @3.8GHZ, 64-bits
Linux (Kubuntu))

Other Compilers able to compile Radiance:
Note: I only tried the C Compiler, maybe the C++ compilers perform even better.

Oracle Solaris Compiler Suite v12.2 with -O5 rpict time 20m 59.109s

AMD Open64 Compiler v4.2.5.2 Generates internal compiler error with
anything higher than -O1 (filled in a bug report for AMD to fix).
rpict time 40m 33.7s

The Solaris Compiler seems to be a little bit faster, but maybe some
extra optimizations can be set for the Intel compiler.
Also I have to compare these results with GCC and maybe the PGI compiler.

Best Regards,


I made a mistake:

When changing: set extras CC=gcc into set extras CXX=icpc the Oracle Solaris
Compiler is used, instead of the Intel C++ Compiler.
I did not expect such a thing to happen, but apparently it did.

I don't know how to invoke the Intel C++ (icpc) compiler using the makefile
otherwise. (Does somebody have any ideas?).

Sorry for any false hope.... :frowning: