Comparison of values measured by sensors and calculated with Radiance (Greg Ward) (Minki Sung)

Hi Sung,

I'm not exactly sure what we are looking at with these plots, but it's clear that you need to characterize the sensor response in order to understand the situation. Did you perform the cosine sensitivity experiment I suggested? You could mask off a portion of the center of a tube if you don't have a small UV source, and see how the sensor responds as a function of incident angle at a fixed distance.



From: Minki Sung <[email protected]>
Date: April 5, 2009 7:46:34 AM EDT

Dear Greg,

I have done some additional measurements and the results show as follow. Setup Fluorescent lamp (Measurement) Simulation UV lamp (Measurement)

The results indicate the UV lamp has different diffuse characteristics compared with common fluorescent lamps if the UVC sensor is cosine corrected well as written in the sensor. If there is no problem with UVC sensor, it might be not easy to model UV lamp with RADIANCE.

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