Comparison of values measured by sensors and calculated with Radiance (Greg Ward) (Minki Sung)


I am rather curious about these reports, as we may have to set up some
uv sensors for another application soon. What kind of "cosine-corrected
sensor" do you use? I know that type of probe head which is connected to
a fibre leading to the sensor. As far as I understood it, the cosine
correction happens simply by using a diffusing piece of transmissive
material, that scatters light entering from any direction. I have always
been curious how these can achieve a real cosine correction, as the
scattering material is always mounted behind a thin ring to hold it in
place, thus never seeing full 180 degree. In the case of uv, the
wavelength dependance of the scattering may also play a role. Have all
components been tested for uv transmittance, or is it possible that any
component is made for i.e. visible light only? Or are you using an
entirely different set-up, e.g. not a probe connected to fibre but a
specific uv sensor?

CU Lars.