Colorpict and Colorfunc

Dear group

I have a question about using colorpict and colorfunc in conjuction with each other. What I wish to do is to be able to alter/shift the color of a texture map within a render. I could probably do this is colorpict alone but because I deal with so many faces (50 000 - 500 000), if I wanted to adjust some of the input parameters for the function file, I would have to change the values during a re-export with my Radiance conversion program. This can be a time consuming process to re-export and recompile the scene in order to tweak some parameters. Ideally what would happen is that I would pass the color returned by colorpict to colorfunc, where my function file would then alter the color in accordance with my input parameters. From there, I would pass the altered color returned by colorfunc to a plastc, plastic2, metal, etc. material. I would only have one colorfunc (unlike the thousands of colorpicts) so I can adjust the parameters manually during the test rendering phase. Is this possible?