Can rtrace be run by directing octree through stdin ?


I have around 18 luminaire rad files and I want to run rtrace on all of them with the same set of ray inputs( which are in a text file). Since the room geometry will remain the same in each case, my octree will comprise of : room materials, room geometry and luminaire(18 of them, one at a time). So, I want to implement a loop where I can call oconv each time and pipe the output directly to rtrace without writing the octree to disk.

An example in the man page is : rtrace −ov scene.oct < samples.inp > radiance.out

Is it possible to do something like : rtrace samples.inp <scene.oct>radiance.out. ? If yes, is there a specific flag that I should be using for the ray file(samples.inp) ?

I have been able to make this work with rpict for images with something like : oconv radfiles | rpict –vf viewfile –ab etc.. | pfilt | ra_ bmp etc, however I couldn’t find a way to create a similar pipe with rtrace.