Calculation of solid angles


I have a series of images captured with a fisheye-lens camera and I would like to calculate the solid angles out of them.

I tried using pcomb for that like this:
pcomb -e ‘lo=S(1)’ IMG_7578.jpg

But I am getting the error "bad picture size’’. The image is 3456 x 2304 pixels. Why is it a bad size?

It was suggested to me that I can also use evalglare for that, but I am not quite sure how to do it. Any suggestions about that?

Thanks for the help!

The command you are using works only for Radiance-generated pictures, not JPEG images. Even if you were to create a Radiance picture from one or more JPEG exposures (via hdrgen or similar), you would still need to assign a legal Radiance view using getinfo based on the known characteristics of your camera.

There are, unfortunately, more than one type of fisheye lens. The most common type of fisheye lens is called “equi-solidangle,” which as you might guess, endeavors to ensure that every pixel has the same solid angle. For a 180° lens, this would be 2pi/N where N is the total number of pixels within the projected circle.