bugfix-update No 2

Hi all,

at first: hello to all on the list, who have become - perhaps unwillingly - beta-testers !!

Your help is greatly apreciated, as the matter is complex indeed, and most of all, there are so many different ways of using RADIANCE/RADZILLA, that it simply would be too much for one person alone to check everything. An it fits quite good together that the most bugs so far have been found in features which I myself hardly use or don't
use at all ..

Luckily, so far there's been no problematic mistake, just the usual oversights which sneaked in, the wrong code statements in the wrong line, etc..

Guilio has been the most succesfull bug-hunter by now, many thanks!!

Update No 2 fixes bugs in the photon-emission from sphere-sources, in the view-file option and in xform (transform for 'sources'), and contains some further optimizations in the core.

It can be downloaded from the update page of the radzilla site, here's the shortcut


so long & have fun !!