Bug fix for ies2rad

Jack de Valpine found a couple of bugs in the latest (3.4) release of ies2rad, one of them fairly serious. If you are using this program, I suggest you download the patch I just put together on the Radiance website fromt he download page:


Unfortunately, I have not managed to recompile the binaries, so if you don't have a C compiler, you will have to fall back on the previous version of ies2rad for the time being.

Following is the list of changes in this patch:



Fixed bug in replmarks pointed out by Georg Mischler, which caused
garbage to be output under specific conditions (unscaled, unrotated

Fixed bug in normtiff that caused occassional weird colors
on human tone-mapping of 32-bit LogLuv inputs (tmapluv.c).

Fixed -o option of pcomb so it resets le(i) and color exposure functions
to unity.

Fixed a bug in Type B photometry in source.cal introduced in last fix where
spherical sources were getting symmetric distributions front-to-back.

Fixed another bug in ies2rad for 90-270 bilaterally symmetric fixtures, which
seems to have been there from the beginning. Thanks to Jack de Valpine
for pointing it out.

Added NORANDOM symbol for tests with all random sampling turned off.

Fixed a bug in expression evaluation code that was causing unneeded
evaluations of constants. This is a fix on an earlier fix of a more
serious bug prior to the 3.4 release, where the expression clock
was wrapping silently and allowing values to go stale.

Fixed an even more serious bug in ies2rad for thin fixtures, where
it was using "flatcorr" without the proper correction for the
emitting area. Thanks again to Jack de Valpine for spotting this.