BSDF-viewer on Mac : installation problems

Hi all,

I have an issue running the BSDF-viewer on my imac (Version 10.15.17 Catalina, intel processor). While the installation worked, when starting the software it misses Java SE 6 runtine. This runtime-version seems not available any more. I have installed the latest version of Java but I get still the same error:

Any idea to fix that?

thank you


Hi @Jan_Wienold,

Would the online BSDF viewer from LadybugTools work for you? I recall it had some limitations, but might still have ongoing development.

It may be time to sunset the old Java applet as there will only be increasing compatibility issues in the future.

Hi Nataniel,
Thanks for the suggestion and reminder to the online tool, which looks good and is a solution for many cases.
In the meanwhile I managed to install the BSDF viewer on our new linux server running ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (after some manual moves of some Java libs), so I’m able also to visualize tensor-tree BSDFs (which is the limitation of the online tool).


Good to know you found a solution.

I wonder if @Mostapha has any plans to visualize tensor-tree BSDFs in the online tool.

That can be a good case for a Pollination app since now we can run Radiance directly and get the outputs instead of trying to re-write the parsing routine. I’m not sure when I will get to do something like that but it is doable.

I think @Taoning_Wang has the BSDF parsing library incorporated in his pyradiance tools in case that helps.


Actually, radbsdf is not yet part of pyradiance but you can use it to parse xml nonetheless.
Here I have a rather self-contained script for visualizing tensor tree BSDF. You can go the gist page and “download zip” from the top right corner to download both script and run the jupyter notebook (vizttree.jpynb). (You do need to run the top cell to install the necessary packages, including radbsdf.)

Here is what the interface look like inside the notebook. Running the script should be pretty self explanatory, but let me know if you have any questions.


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