BRADD Blender to Radiance Direct
Q1. how to get text to slant while keeping the left margin square
Q2. image texture > is there any perspective transform or is similarity (3 translations, 3 rotations, 1 scale) the current limit?
Q3. what is the correct http home site for Radiance?
Doug Sanden

A1: You need to restart each text line separately with its own brighttext primitive. There’s no harm in chaining as many as you like, so long as the background is white, since patterns are multiplied.

A2: No perspective transforms, only regular ones.


P.S. regarding A2: You can technically implement any coordinate mapping you want in the .cal language, but you have to do the work yourself to go from world coordinates (intersection point) to texture coordinates.

OK thanks Greg. And I handed off to Francesco Anselmo to put in his BRAD GitHub

BRADD wiki now at: