Boredom (was: Mac OS X and nfs)

John S. An wrote:

I hope I'm not boring everyone with this discussion. If so, just let me know, and I'll stop posting any updates.

No, no, no. Please continue to share! I appreciate the effort it takes to write up these summaries, but they will live in the archive, fully searchable, for all current and future Radiance strugglers. It's all these discussions that make Peter's efforts so worthwhile.

Of course, having four hot rod computers, even it they don't like talking to each other, is not such a bad problem to have, John. :wink: Maybe someday I'll have me one o' them there dual G5s, and I'll recall this thread and really have some fun! Good luck with this. Keep us posted.

This is as good a time as any to wish my Radiance family a happy holiday season. So, uh, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE!! May the coming year be filled with populated ambient caches, blotch-free images, and valid results. =8-)



      Rob Guglielmetti