[Bldg-sim] BSDF for a glazing without blinds/shades

Ramana -

In Preferences, under Optical Calcs you can check the "use matrix method for
specular systems (glazing systems without shading devices)" and the program
will generate the XML and CSV files when you calculate a glazing system. I'm
not sure they will have the information you are looking for, but that is how
you get those files for a specular glazing system.

Robin Mitchell

Windows & Daylighting Group

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory



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Hello all,

Is it possible to output a BSDF using Window 6, for a glazing without any
blinds/shades? I'm trying to do that for a Viracon glazing for use in
Radiance simulation but do not see the usual CSV and XML results files
Window 6 outputs for glazing with blinds/shades.

Ramana Koti.