big pictures postings

Martin Klingler wrote:

Hi to the list,

I have sent a mail with attachment today to the list, and it looks like there is a problem with my way of mailing it, sorry for that.

no worries- there was a 40KB limit for postings enforced by the mailing list program, so your first email was above the limit and went to the list admin for approval. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. (Apart from that, the text part of the email had been MIME encoded too, which, in the view of purists, increased size
Meanwhile this has been raised to 100KB. Still somewhat conservative, but with jpeg images as attachements it should be feasible. Chaps with a low bandwidth modem and no look-ahead selection for mail downloads from the provider generally appreciate single foreseable email volumes.
In case of larger images (e.g. comparisons of Radiance pics) I'd be happy to put them directly on the web server, when mailed directly to me.
Let me know any suggestions

Peter, (aka radiance-online list admin)


pab-opto, Freiburg, Germany,