AW: solar pannel calculation with radiance ?

If you are referring to solar collectors on the roof, there are three different recommended tilt angles as measured from the horizontal:

If you would like to use the system mainly in the winter, tilt it around (Latitude + 10 deg)
If your system is used mainly in the summer, tilt it around (Latitude - 10 degrees)
If you would like to use the system year-round, tilt it around latitude degrees

The system is not very sensitive to vertical rotations or optimization, unless your cloud cover occurs at specific times.

If you need more info, use software from, or, but I believe that even those would better be used for the visible range. Maybe you can find this info on ther web sites.


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  I am working on a design for my house :wink:
  I am planning a solar heated floor, I am getting contradictory
  informations on the best orientation of the panels so I wondered if I
  could use radiance to model them and make a simultaion of the infrared
  absorbtion of a panel. had any one already done such thing ?
  regarding IR absorbtion by the panel I have read that the IR rays once
  passed through the glass are partly absorbed, partly reflected but that
  the reflection is not completly reemited through the glass but refracted
  to the black side of the panel. would a glass material take this in
  count or do I have to use a a dielectric and an interface or a BDRTF ?
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