AW: rhino - ecotect - radiance issues

Hi Cramer,

try obj2rad. Therefore you simply have to export parts of the model as
Wavefront(*.obj) in rhino.
Then you can convert them with: obj2rad *.obj > *.rad.

Afterwards it's pretty simple and fast to import these *.rad files into
ecotec again.

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Cramer Silkworth
Gesendet: Freitag, 10. Oktober 2008 18:48
Betreff: [Radiance-general] rhino - ecotect - radiance issues

Hi All,

I've got a model from an architect, built in Rhino, that I need to get
into Radiance. Typically we do this via Ecotect, exporting 3ds files
from Rhino, importing into Ecotect, and using Ecotect to generate my rad
files. However, this model is just a mess once it's imported into
Ecotect - even the flat facades are a mess of triangles, and the reduce
coincident triangles/polygons command is all but worthless. The Rhino
model is actually fairly complex, it's a masterplan with 20 or so
towers, but even doing just one building is going to take me a day to
clean up. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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