Aw: Re: RE: Art work surface

Finally I have time for email again:

> The honeycombs diffuse the light so much that there is hardly
> a directional component left. It looks odd and the sculptures
> and architectural modells are shaded poorly even if the interior
> is rather bright.

That sounds interesting, as I actually do not have experienced such a room.
Were the panels used on all sides or to one direction only?

In this case the architects concept was a cube of glass. For details
and pictures look for images on the TU Braunschweig homepage
( or publications about "Gerkan, Mark und
Partner" (Gerkan is the architect and never fails to make a lot of buzz
about his work).

My idea was to have a big diffuse-translucent wall (only) to north.

Big is good, diffuse-translucent not so much. The problem in our case
was that too much light was scatered sideways from the walls. So
you got a wall-high bright surface with close to uniform distribution.
Modells simply get too much light from the left and right in relation to
the light from the "window" or wall closest to the modell.

Also Ithink that for an exhibition pavillion, especially for architectura
models, a diffuse environment is a terrific idea.

Diffuse to a certain degree. Architecture in only less sensitive to this
directional component because it's mostly flat surfaces. But todays
architecture contains a variety of shapes - especially in a university.
And we had some sculpture exhibitions there, too.

But I really wonder on the impact of these panels on color, did you
experience any noticable effect?

No. And I would not expect any change in the color rendering of the
light. Inside of the honeycombs the light is only reflected on the surface
of the PMMA (?) structure (which would be transparent as a pane
anyway). The only filtering or color tint is the effect of the glass profiles.
I'd guess you can get better glass for this type of application than what's
used in industrial constructions.

It would also interesting to know what happens after some years, at least
with those based on plastics (I would not worry about the glass-based
products, but I am also not sure here).

I'm sure the pick up dirt quickly. I haven't seen the pavillion for a few years
now but I would not expect much given that the wall is an open construction
(as opposed to sealed modules) and the insulation material was added as an


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