AW: perforated lamellas

Hi all,
I agree, but my simulation should give results for LEED minimal requirements. There it is only one defined sky (midday, equinox, clear sky) and a minimum average illuminance in the room behind the facade (+ turnable but not moveable lamellas) is required.
The lamellas I've to simulate are not the perforated mini blinds, but get a dimensions of 0.5 meter width and a length of about 3 meters.
The surface is brushes aluminum (adapted for redirect the daylight into the room).
With this starting position, I need a material definition which reflect the daylight (direct and diffuse) at 85% of lamella area and, on account of the 15% of gaps in the lamellas, a light transmission of 15%.
Does anybody have an idea?



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  Wouldn't the transmission and distribution vary depending on the angle of the lamellas? These are like perforated metal mini blinds right?