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Hi John

check out

that might be what you are looking for.


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Hello John,

You can control Radiance from Matlab (because Matlab can send dos commands
and Radiance can be controlled using dos commands or batch scripts).

(I assumed you are going to use Windows.)

Here's a piece of example code for use in Matlab:

dos('oconv sky.rad result.rad > Octree.oct')
ROPT=' -dp 512 -ar 20 -ms 0.2 -ds .3 -dt .1 -dc .5 -dr 1 -st .1 -ab 3
-af RCP.amb -aa .2 -ad 400 -as 64 -av 0.01 0.01 0.01 -lr 6 -lw .002 -i '

VIEW= ' -vtv -vp 4.800 0.200 2.200 -vd -2.300 2.400 -0.900 -vu 0 0 1 -vh
90 -vv 60 -vs 0 -vl 0 '
dos(['rpict -t 120 ', VIEW ,ROPT,' -x 64 -y 64 -ps 1 Octree.oct


dos('del RCP_overture_5664.unf')
dos(['rpict -t 120 ', VIEW,' -x 2048 -y 1536 -ps 6 -pt .08',
ROPT,' RCP.oct > RCP_c1.unf'])
dos(' pfilt -r 1 -x /2 -y /2 RCP_c1.unf > RCP_c1.pic')

dos('del RCP_c1.unf')

This might come in handy later:
In Matlab you can also use hdrread and hdrwrite commands to read and write
Radiance images.




My name is John and I am trying to get automatic communication between


and other programs for my thesis.
I just discovered this group..
These archives look very useful. Hopefully I have not been wasting my


working on something
that the people here have completed already.

Has anybody figured out, for example,
how to incorporate radiance simulations into loops running in other


such as rhino, autocad, or even matlab?

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