Annualised Radiation Mapping

I have been looking into the radmap script (available from of Francesco Anselmo. Apart from converting the .pic files to .hdr and adding an extra line at 711 to remove 'rvu' rather than 'rview' from the viewfile lines the script runs on the more updated versions of radiance available today. (Pity it doesn't use rpiece to utilise multiple cores though...)

From what I can see radmap uses gensky throughout - therefore the CIE standard sky and horizontal direct irradiance from the weather file.

Has anybody done work utilising the Perez sky model (gendaylit) for annualised irradiation/illumination mapping or created newer methodologies for annualised mapping?


*Terrance McMinn*


In the framework of an european project done several years ago, I built monthly and annual mean sky models using gensky and some additional home made programs. You may read about this in the report available here (especially chapter 3.2.1):

The stuff I developed is still working properly but I cannot distribute it because no proper documentation is available. However if you need, I could provide you with such sky models (as radiance scene files) for a few locations.

Raphaël Compagnon