Announcement: wxfalsecolor/falsecolor2 v0.3 available


I have updated wxfalsecolor and falsecolor2 over the weekend.

As usual, executables for Windows and source package can be found here:

Documentation is here (bottom of page):

Short feature summary:


* The formatting of the default legend is different.
* -cb creates a falsecolor image of discreet colours instead of an
obese variation of contour lines.
* -h shows a summary of the command line options. This option does not
create an image but prints a help message to stdout (terminal).
* -lp allows you to specify the legend position; legends above and
below the image are horizontal instead of vertical.
* -mask <minvalue> masks all values below minvalue with the background
color (black).
* -z creates legends starting at 0
* -s auto option for automatic legend scale adjustment (new)


* load and display Radiance RGBE images
* display RGB and Lux values (even after conversion to falsecolor image)
* set falsecolor2 options interactively
* drag-and-drop images in a desktop environment
* set pcond options interactively (new)
* display labels for spot and average pixel values (like ximage; new)
* save image as bitmap (improved)
* view image headers (new)


Please note that after 10 years the above links are no longer operational. The latest code and ZIP archives should always be available on the Github project site: