Announce: RadianceML


No, I won't announce anything useable here :wink: But at least, something which proofs that it is possible to import and store Radiance scenes in XML.

RadianceML is a project I just started to define a DTD for Radiance scenes in XML, together with XSL-translators to import and export data. At the moment, I have a very simple DTD describing... hmmm.. let's say a subset of the Radiance scene language (actually only comments, spheres and polygons are understood :wink: and a XSL-template that imports .rad-files (containing only this "subset") into RadianceML-XML.

What has to be done until 1.0:

- complete Radiance scene language in DTD and import-template

- "xmlizer", small tool tagging Radiance scenes (XSL can process
   only XML, so I have to tag the radiance scene files before
   importing them)

- export-template from RadianceML to rad

Later, this will / can be extended to export to e.g. x3d, think about documented scenes (docbook), ...

So, whoever is interested in this project, send me a mail asking for the current "distribution". It is not GPLed at the moment, and I won't grant you the right to redistribute it now, because I want to get an idea if there is interest in this. If you have any comment about the project, or questions, or proposals, or if you want to participate, just send me (private, not list-) mail.

CU, Lars.


Lars O. Grobe
[email protected]

Lars O. Grobe, [email protected], ++90-212-2458330

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