Again transmissivity for color filter/ glass

Hey Greg,

It sounds like we're back on track, here. I'm relieved.

And I AM too!!!

Did you erase the info. from the CM-2002? Maybe the spectral data is still there. It would be better to use it if you have it. Even if you used a tungsten illuminant to determine the XYZ value, shifting to a different illuminant without the spectral data is a shaky business.

I try to retrieve the spectral data.

As i think i understand this procedure, now i am left with my last problem:

I have a plexiglass cylinder with a height of ca. 2 cm and a radius of ca. 15 cm.
I got the transmission/transmissivity of this glass from the manufacturer it�s around 92%.

On top and on the side of this cylinder there is this LEE 061 Mist Blue color filter attached.
I have the spectrum of this filter.

This cylinder is part of a news desk in a studio and ca. 1 m under this glass there is a incandescent spotlight ca. 3200K that shines at it.
The whole desk is in the same scene described in my previous mail, color temperatures vary from 2400 - 3200 K.

I have the problem now that this filter is not attached directly to a lamp. If it would be like this i would simply multiply the two spectra and convert to CIE xy etc..
Like in 'RwR' p. 435

Now i want to ad the color attributes of this filter somehow to this cylinder:
I think the best way to simulate this, is to use the 'trans' material because the surface shouldn't be so shiny or polished like the glass material.
I made an Excel sheet to calculate the 'trans' parameters but it's confusing.

What would you suggest?
(I promise this my last problem :wink:

Thanks again,