Advanced Tutorial: Daylighting Simulations with Radiance using Matrix-based Methods

A new tutorial written by Sarith Subramaniam, PSU, is now available here:
See links at the bottom of the page under "Advanced Tutorials".
The tutorial has various example run files that can be downloaded from the
same link.

The tutorial covers the various matrix-based approaches (dc, 3-phase,
5-phase, etc.) for modeling the annual performance of operable or
parametrically-varied coplanar and non-coplanar shading and daylighting
systems, such as operable roller shades or blinds, prismatic films, metal
mesh overhangs, fritted glass fins and such.

If you have questions, comments, edits, corrections regarding this
document, please contact Taoning Wang ( and Sarith
Subramaniam (

Sarith spent a summer at LBNL last year working on this tutorial then spent
a good part of his own personal time developing the tutorial into a
comprehensive, nicely illustrated resource over the past year.

Many thanks to Sarith for doing such an incredible job of explaining the
ins and outs of using these modeling tools!!!

best, el.


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