About Radiance file of Light pipe

Hello guys, I am new to this Radiance Achiever. I am doing my thesis
in daylighting devices. The aim is "To determine appropriate passive
Daylighting devices for harnessing daylight in the interior spaces". The
devices which i will consider is Light shelve, light pipes, and anidolic

In this respect i want Radiance file syntax of Light pipe and Anidolic
Ceilings. Please if anyone has the syntax please help me out for this as
soon as possible.

Thanks Neha singhal


With Regards
Neha Singhal
CEPT University

Hi Neha,

welcome to the world of neverending challenges.... You have chosen quite
a difficult topic, and I am struggling a lot with these question myself,
but to give you a hint - Radiance itself, without extensions such as the
photon-mapping extension pmap or other tools (that I do not really
understand yet) such as rtcontrib won't be able to model highly
specular, non-planar light redirecting systems. Look out for photon map,
pmap, light redirecting systems, light shelf, light pipe in

- the archives of this mailing list
- in the links at radiance-online.org
- in the hundreds of publications that are available
- among those, the papers from the annual conferences as archived on

This should give you a lot of input and information about these systems,
the difficulties to model them as well as techniques that can be used
for such calculations.

CU Lars.