About Installing Radiance on Ubuntu

Hi all,
I tried several times to install radiance on Ubuntu but seems it was not successful as I could not run the commands in the terminal directory. I downloaded radiance from its website and copied the extracted file in usr/local path.
Every time, I get an error that “package Radiance has no installation candidate”.
Does anybody know how to solve this problem?


What is the name of the extracted file, exactly?

Radiance is a suite of programs, so whatever you are extracting should be a
bunch of executables (which in Ubuntu do not have the .exe extension)

They need to be located in a directory that is part of your Path. You can
check these directories by writing “echo $PATH” in your terminal. You will
get a list of directories separated by “:” . You have to either put the
executables in one of those directories, or add the Radiance directory to
the Path (there are a bunch of tutorials on how to add things to path in
Ubuntu… they will be clearer than me, probably)

To test if this is working, y usually write “oconv” on the terminal… you
should get about 8 lines of text instead of an error saying that such
program does not exist

I hope this helps


Hi masoome!

Usually, if a command is not found, bash (I assume) would give a message along the lines of foo: command not found.

Your message of package Radiance has no installation candidate suggests that you are typing in some other command, perhaps something like apt-get install Radiance at a guess.

As @German_Molina says, there is no command called Radiance, as Radiance is a whole suite of applications, try one of them, such as oconv, and see if it works. You can see a list of the programs that Radiance provides here.

If it doesn’t, can you please show exactly where you have copied the Radiance files, and show what the value of echo $PATH is, and check that your path includes the location of where you have extracted the Radiance binaries?

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Thanks for your help.
I made a new path for radiance and now it works.