A question about raw2hdr

Hello everyone,
I used raw2hdr for the first time. When i enter:
perl raw2hdr -h -w -C -o output.hdr IMG_0422.CR2 IMG_0423.CR2 IMG_0424.CR2
the following problems occurred:
Missing -o output file specification

May i ask why this happens?
Thanks a lot.

The problem is a missing argument for the -C option, which is a calibration factor. Just remove the -C option and it should work. The rest looks OK.

Thanks a lot. But when i remove the -C option, the following problems occurred:
“sh:1 dcraw: Exec format error
dcraw failed at raw2hdr line 98”
Is it because I did not install dcraw correctly? Before that, I just copied dcraw and hdrgen in the compressed package to /usr/bin/
The 98th line of the raw2hdr file is shown below:

Yes, I don’t know what is wrong with dcraw in this case. You may have an issue with hdrgen as well. Try running “hdrgen” on the command line by itself. Perhaps they are not compiled with the right libraries for your machine.

If hdrgen runs, then try downloading dcraw.c from Dave Coffin’s website and compiling it yourself if you can. (Google knows where to find it.)

Try running " hdrgen " on the command line by itself, and an error occurred:
Unable to execute binary file: executable file error
Do you have any tutorials on how to compile hdrgen and dcraw?
I am learning this command for the first time, thank you very much。

I found relevant content in google, thank you very much.

The code for hdrgen is not publicly available, unfortunately. If it doesn’t work on your machine, either you chose the wrong architecture, or the compile was wrong for your particular configuration. What OS, etc. are you using? Which copy of raw2hdr did you download (and when)?