A new Falsecolor creation tool, an interface for evalglare, and a new Revit add-in for communicate between Radiance and Revit

Hi Everyone,

Some years ago, I and my colleague developed an HDR assembly software that includes a Falsecolor creation page, an interface for evaluglare and findglare programs and also a sunpath creation page. Now, I decide to combine and make them as a new free program.

In the falsecolor page, we can do a variety of Per Pixel Data lighting analysis for the entire selected HDR image or part of it. There is a possibility to create a custom falsecolor pallet. It also has the ability to create a falsecolor image between a minimum and maximum value. There are some more functions in this page.

In the evaluglare page, most of the inputs needed for any analysis by evaluglare or findglare are gathered in this page.

And in the sunpath diagram creation page, by adding the latitude, longitude and angle between north direction and camera direction, it can create a yearly sunpath diagram.

To download this program, you can go to this address:

Finally, for those of you who want to do a daylight analysis when working with Revit models, you can check the below page and download aftabrad add-in to make a connection between Revit model and Radiance.

If you want to know more about this Revit add-in, you can check this paper too: