2022 Radiance Workshop in Toronto - Registration Open / Call for Speakers

Hi everyone,

We’ve opened up the registration site for the 2022 Radiance Workshop (3-5 August). The registration page will be linked directly from the workshop website soon. All costs are in Canadian dollars (multiply by ~0.77 for USD, ~0.74 for Euro).

Important links:

Also a reminder: To speak at the workshop, please submit a short abstract via e-mail!

Prices are listed below.

Name Cost (CAD)
Workshop and Tutorial (3, 4, and 5 August) 450
Workshop Days Only (4 and 5 August) 350
Tutorial Day Only (3 August) 175
Student Registration: Workshop and Tutorial (3, 4, and 5 August) 225
Student Registration: Workshop Days Only (4 and 5 August) 175
Student Registration: Tutorial Day Only (3 August) 87.5
Speaker Registration (3, 4, and 5 August) 260

Thank you!


We are reserving some time at the end of the workshop to discuss the future of Radiance. Topics will include:

  • Alternative funding sources (e.g., Blender sponsorship model)
  • Redesign of main rendering engine for spectral calculations, polarization, etc.
  • Re-architecting system for better modularity and maintainability
  • Recruiting a core development team

This will be just the start of a discussion, but we would like to have the key players present. So, if you have a vested interest in the future of Radiance development, please arrange to attend the workshop this year if possible.



We’ll do our best to arrange this discussion to be accessible to all via Zoom. I’ll post the link closer to the workshop!



I can no longer edit the main post, but we have added a $150 online attendance option for the workshop days (4-5 August) due to popular demand. Our IT department is helping me setup a Zoom webinar, and the workshop room is wired for simulcasting.