2019 Radiance Workshop - It's ALIVE!

The 2019 Radiance Workshop website is LIVE! Please subscribe to the workshop’s mailing list for infrequent but informative updates.


Registration and abstract submissions open March 15th! We can’t wait to see you in NYC!


Awesome, Kristen! Looking forward to it!

I am interested in going, but I am not trained in light engineering and have only done basic rendering in Radiance (which you may have seen in my other threads). Would it be worth it to attend, or would it go over my head? Are there technical prerequisites?

The workshop attendees kinda run the gamut from lighting designers, to researchers, luminaire/lighting product R&D types, to artists. Based on your awesome threads on this list, I’d say you have plenty of expertise and the right mind to get a lot out of the workshop!

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hi Dion,
There are no true pre-requisites except interest in applying new methods and features in your future work. The topics are probably easier to grasp for someone with your level of experience in Radiance than by someone with lighting-engineering training but no Radiance experience. I’ve attended a handful of times - first time in 2005. The first year I attended I had limited Radiance experience, and most topics were over my head, but still gained some exposure to bits of what I wanted to learn and investigate further. And now it’s still the same because the R&D around Radiance progresses just as fast as my understanding - there are some new topics that I won’t understand within the time limit of the presentation, but I can learn what new topics exist, catch onto a little more than I would from a white paper, and I learn what to investigate more in the future.

The presentations do range from case studies of work different people are doing with Radiance which are sometimes easier to grasp, to procedural and tutorial topics on numerical or visual applications, HDR photography and use in simulation or analysis, material testing and definition for renderings and calculations, and any of those can be either from industry practitioners or academic and otherwise funded research, including verification and development of Radiance features for various purposes.

Some of your work could even be interesting to others and make a great presentation - I haven’t attended in a few years, but I think photogrammetry, color/pattern/texture mapping, and tone-mapping lessons-learned would be interesting to most attendees, and I’d judge your ability to contribute on those topics wouldn’t be supplanted by many others.

From a show of hands last year in Loughborough, around half of the attendees were Workshop ‘First Timers’.

Thanks @Rob_Guglielmetti, @Christopher_Rush, and @John_Mardaljevic for your kind words.

It is an expensive trip out to NYC, so I will try to attend, but it may depend on my company helping sponsor. I’ll try my best to join :slight_smile:

Yeah, and don’t forget, the workshop location alternates between Europe and North America annually, so 2020 will likely be a shorter/cheaper trip for you. But you should come to New York. =)

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Just putting out a reminder that abstract submission for the NYC workshop is the 15th of May – just a couple of weeks away!


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Registration is also OPEN:

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When you thought it couldn’t get ANY BETTER…

David Geisler-Moroder and Andy McNeil will each be leading a half-day tutorial! Read all about it and register NOW:


See you ALL in ~2 months!

(Note: it will continue to get better and better forever)



Registration closes August 1st.

Thanks to Kristen for hosting a fantastic workshop in NYC! The presentations are now up with accompanying audio, with thanks to Andy McNeil for posting everything:

We already have a volunteer to host next year’s workshop, Eduardo Pintos of Loisos+Ubbelohde. The vison is to hold it the week of September 21-25, 2020 in Bilbao, Spain. Eduardo has reserved the following space for the event:

If anyone is aware of a conflict with these dates, please let us know right away to see if we can choose an alternative. We are quite restricted for this venue, so it might have to be held somewhere else if these dates don’t work.