2013 Radiance Workshop - Let's pick some dates!

Greetings Simulationists,

I am thrilled and proud to announce that the 2013 Radiance International
Workshop will be held right here at NREL, in sunny Colorado, USA. I'm
delighted to be able to pay back all the other fine institutions who have
hosted this event over the years, and I look forward to showing off my
beautiful adopted home state, and the great things we have going on here
at NREL.

I've been advised by my co-workers to book conference rooms early around
here, hence the somewhat early inquiry about setting a date for the event.
Greg has pointed out that we should try to have the event prior to the
start of the US academic year, which is nominally August 20th 2013.
Backing up a week from there, we have a typical workshop schedule that
looks like this:

Mon, Aug 12 2013 - Tutorial Day
Tue, Aug 13 2013 - Presentation Day
Wed, Aug 14 2013 - Presentation Day

Moving the workshop to the end of that week (Aug 14-16) is problematic. We
could have it earlier I suppose, or later, but we thought we'd see if Aug
12-14 works for most folks. You guys are all pretty good at calling out
conflicts fairly quickly, so I thought I'd throw this out to the list and
see what y'all come back with.

A short drive from Denver, NREL is located right against the foothills of
the Rocky Mountains in Golden, CO. We have several new buildings on campus
that we can tour, including a couple of net-zero energy buildings as well
as a unique grid-scale experiment laboratory -- that will also be home to
a petascale supercomputer. For planning reference, Denver International
(KDEN) is the closest major airport, and the lab is about 30 minutes away.

But, that's all details. For now, we're just looking to set a date, and
we're hoping the proposed calendar above works for most of you. Let us

- Rob

Rob Guglielmetti
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Commercial Buildings Research Group
15013 Denver West Parkway MS:RSF202
Golden, CO 80401