wxfalsecolor v0.50 released - contains important bug fix

A new version of wxfalsecolor.exe is available.

priority: *HIGH*

All users should update to this version.

This version fixes a bug which can lead to wrong spot values being displayed
for falsecolor images.

You can download the new version via the following link:


major changes:

This version adds command line support. Falsecolor2 options and new debug
options ('-v' and '-d') can now be given as command line arguments following
the falsecolor2 argument convention.

It also includes a new configuration file parser which will allow future
versions to read configuration options set by the user. This version will
create a configuration file in the user's %APPDATA% (Windows) or $HOME
directory on the first startup.

further changes:

* fixed a problem with the status bar that caused an error message to pop up
on close

* changed the start sequence so that the interface appears now before data
is loaded or a falsecolor conversion starts

* new automatic and manual update checks

* logging is now done via the Python logging module