WIndow 7.8- frit glass xml

I am trying to import frit glass from Window 7.8 into my daylight model. I see that even after reinstalling Window 7.8, the BSDF folder does not contain any xml files but only csv files. I tried saving the csv file as an xml, but this is not accepted by the daylightng software.

Next I tried creating a glazing system in Window 7.8 by using a default frit glass available in Windows database, and it is giving me this error.
“WhiteFritDiffuseFront.lbl (ID = 30000) has an invalid specularity type. Please consult the knowledge base at for more information.” Is there a workaround? I would really appreciate your inputs.

Have you tried asking on the WINDOW forum? I’m not sure who here can answer your question, as it doesn’t pertain specifically to a Radiance tool.