WINDOW 7.3 shut down with BSDF of Venetian blind created with genBSDF


I'm surprised that WINDOW would crash like that. But one problem is that to
import a BSDF into WINDOW it must have both front and back transmission and
reflection. To get this you should use both the +f and +b options in



On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 7:54 AM, Daniel Uribe <> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I have already created a BSDF project which contains a Venetian blind with
a genBSDF,in which I enter the geometry, the material and the glazing. To
do this I have used the next command (in addition,I attached the respective

genBSDF -n 8 materials.mat glazing.rad Layer0.rad > Case1.xml

Apparently,It worked right since I can see it in BSDF Viewer.

However , the problem happen when I connect this BSDF with the window
which contains WINDOW 7.3 software.So, when I try to add a shading since
XML file, the program shut down.

I have looked over each step but I dont know where can be the mistake.Do
you have any idea about this problem or what is happening?

Thanks you in advance,

King regards,


Daniel Uribe Cáceres
Estudiante de Ingeniería Civil
Diploma en Ingeniería Estructural
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

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