which basis for xy to RGB conversion in lamp.tab?

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again a color question, by the way @ Will and Greg, your discussion is really helping me, because i am at the same topic of integrating correct materials and lamps in a scene.
If i use ies2rad with the '-t' option referring to a specified lamp, how are the x,y values in 'lamp.tab' transfered into RGB? Is the basis 'color.h'? If i change the white point of color.h into D65 nothing changes within the RGB values.
On the other hand, if i calculate the RGB (D65) values on my own, assuming Y=1, i get not the right illuminance value after applying rtrace and rcalc with the correct factors. e.g. $ echo "0 0 0 0 0 1"

rtrace -I -h lux_test.oct | rcalc -e

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