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I would first check your model for coplanar surfaces. Maybe your box shaped room does not have a hole cut out where the glass is inserted?

I am trying to use radiance for visualising the illuminance at the workplane of a simple classroom model developed in ecotect. I am calling radiance from ecotect. Further I will use DAYSIM for detailed calculation of UDI and DC. I have downloaded RADIANCE for windows from http://www.arch.mcgill.ca/prof/reinhart/software/Radiance3P7forWindows.zip. I have used the materials library from http://irc.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/ie/lighting/daylight/daysim/docs/NRC_LightingLibrarySetup.exe. However the image I am getting after rendering is pretty weird. It seems that the glass has not been properly rendered. I have set all the rendering options to medium. Even with high quality specification and ecotect libraries (glass material other than the link previously mentioned), I am getting the same result. Further when I am importing the .rad file to daysim the glass seems to be having some problem. Please find the image of the room after render attached and let me know how I can solve this problem.

Thank you


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