Visibility of computer screens in rooms with daylight?

Hello list,
I have a small request, or question that I hope you can help me answer, or
guide me to some literature on the topic.
I'll try to do it short :wink:
I'm currently working on a project were we are designing a new head quarter
for a bank in Copenhagen. In this bank there is a huge trading floor, which
is located under an atrium roof! This location gives some fantastic
challenges with regard to the visual environment ;-).

We are now trying to delve into the topic on glare and visibility on the
computer screens in the atrium. The traders should be able to read info on
their computer screens at all times and not at any point in time experience
glare from daylight. We have a full Radiance model ready. With regard to
evaluation of glare from daylight, we will run Radiance simulations and
evaluate the scene both with respect to UDI (zero area with UDI > 3000 lx)
and DGP (threshold 0.35).
However, I'm in doubt of what to do with regard to experienced glare and
visibility on the computer screens. I have skimmed through Niloofar Mogbels
dissertation, and can read that she has developed a model for visibility
glare on computer screens.
Do you have any information/comments with regard to this model ?
How far are you with the implementation of the tool gen_vf and gen_vfd ?
Does there exist more information on the programs somewhere ? A small
tutorial ? Are typical Radiance descriptions of different types of computer
screens available ?

Would you guide me to other methods ?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.
All the best,