Using Radiance to Generate Lighting and Solar Surface Heat Gain Schedules for EnergyPlus

Hi Justin!

genBSDF "change wavelength tag from visible to NIR":
How would one go about running genBSDF for NIR? I read somewhere that the material properties should be changed for NIR, but we're not sure how to do that. Is there a hidden function that can be added to genBSDF to run for NIR?

genBSDF as Radiance offer three channels. Usually we fill those with data for three bands in the visible light range and call them RGB. However you can assign them NIR if you need to. In this case, make R=G=B=NIR, meaning that you need to first define you NIR band and than use reflection / transmission measured for this band when setting up you model. Run genBSDF and the resulting output will be the BSDF in the NIR-band as you defined it. The tag mentioned is in the XML-file, open it with a text editor to change it.

Did anyone get a similar approach working with ESP-r?

Cheers, Lars.