Using picture maps on defined materials? (colorpict or brightdata...)


I am back working on my image maps.. and still in trouble. While I finally
know how to do the transformations of my image maps, I have some problems
with the different types of modifiers radiance offers.

First, I have a limited set of photographs that are to become imagemaps. I
have some of rather good quality in black/whithe, showing the complete
objetcs' surfaces. I would like to map these onto the objects in my scene.

Than, I have some pictures which give me color values (they are
color-corrected), but which don't show the complete surfaces. So I cannot use
them as patterns.

So which modifier should I use? If I use colorpict, I get grey surfaces (as
the gray colorpict is mapped ON the material?). I would like to use
brightdata, but how do I convert my grayscale image into the data-format I
would need? Is this possibile at least?

One last possibility might be to use the color information from the color
corrected pictures and apply this color to the greyscale-images. Is this
possible with the radiance tools (e.g. pcomb)?

Thank you, have a nice weekend, CU,