Using MinGW Radiance

In compiling Radiance with MinGW I ran into a problem in extracting the using

bsdtar zxvf rad3R8supp.tar.gz

bsdtar zxvf radiance-HEAD.tar.gz

It kept on giving me a negative response.Please what am I doing wrong?I am not able to finally build using scons.

Abubakar Salisu

Hi Abubakar,

Do you need to compile Radiance for any specific reason?
If not, you can just download the executables from here:
It is a windows setup wizards.



I had never tried it, so out of curiosity, I took Francesco Anselmo's
MinGW Radiance 3.8 installation and ran Mark Stock's Radiance
Benchmark on it in Windows XP. Surprisingly, the only real thing I had
to change was to make a copy of xform.exe in the same directory and
call it cat.exe - xform without any transformation arguments is
essentially cat (right?), and none of the cat lines had arguments. I
may have had to rename genrbox to genbox, but I think I did that a
while ago.

After downloading and unpacking the benchmark package (try 7zip), make
a batch file (a text file with a .bat extension) with the following
lines (based on the Makefile):

obj2mesh -n 15 -r 16384 lens.obj > lens.msh
oconv -f -n 6 -r 16384 materials.rad cube2f.rad > cube2f_instance.oct
oconv -f -n 6 -r 16384 materials.rad cube4f.rad > cube4f_instance.oct
oconv -n 6 -r 16384 materials.rad scene.rad > scene.oct
rpict @viewpoint @options -x 2048 -y 2048 -t 60 -o windows.unf scene.oct
pfilt -1 -e +0 -x /4 -y /4 -r .6 -m .15 windows.unf > windows.pic
del windows.unf
ra_bmp windows.pic > windows.bmp

Make sure your PATH variable is set to the MinGW installation's bin
directory, and run the batch file from a DOS prompt in the folder with
the benchmark files. This 2.13 GHz Core 2 got 4614.84 sec, on XP Pro
SP2 (683733972 rays) without Cygwin, XMing or virtualization. (Thanks

--Dave Smith