Using different sender/receiving addresses for the list

Roland Fleming wrote:

Hi ---

Sorry about that. I am subscribed, but using another email account
( Do I really have to subscribe multiples times, once
for each email address? I'll try to make sure I only send questions from
that account.

Roland Fleming

Hi Roland,

yeap,- mailman is a bit picky about the poster's sending address, it
wants exactly the registered one. With firewalls and a central mail
management at large sites, that is not always the normalized receiving
one, as you found. To circumvent this, subscribe twice and disable
receiving mails on the second one. Two or three people on the list use
it that way.
The easiests way to configure options for an account is by the web
interface, it's the last form entry at
enter your second (dummy) email address, than select "Disable mail
delivery", enter password and select "Submit my changes"

So mailman accepts your multiple sending addresses, but you get postings
from the list only once.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, the good side is that we've
kept the list spam resistant so far.



pab-opto, Freiburg, Germany,