Using BRDF measurement representations with Radiance

Hi Greg

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll have a look at "" tomorrow (been staring too long at this monitor by now :p).

With respect to Radiance's handling of BRDF materials: is there no way (around) to change how Radiance calculates the indirect component? I'll be using Radiance for rendering (relighted) real scenes (in collaboration with Katrien Jacobs) and would like the rendering to be as realistic as possible (no efficiency concerns atm.).


Greg Ward wrote:


Hi Jeppe,

Check out "" in the ray/lib directory of the standard distribution. It's a bit complicated, but you'll probably end up with something similar if you're building a parametric BRDF model.

You should be aware that Radiance doesn't do all it should with BRDF materials, in that the indirect component is approximated as diffuse. Only highlights use the BRDF, not secondary rays, for efficiency.


From: Jeppe Vesterbaek <>
Date: October 5, 2005 10:21:19 AM PDT


I'm currently working on how to use measured BRDF data, e.g. represented using a wavelet parameterization, with Radiance. I'm struggling at bit with this, as documentation on using Radiance with measured BRDF data seems not to exist? Can someone give me directions, links to previous work on this, documentation or advice on this?

Jeppe Vesterbaek
Univesity College London

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