UK Radiance Course - final call

There are places available for the UK Radiance Users
Course 20-21 September 2004.

Following on from the success of the 2003 Users Course,
the IESD are running a repeat this September. Intended for
researchers and practitioners, it will be led by Dr. John
Mardaljevic (author of the Daylight Simulation chapter of
the Radiance book) and take place at De Montfort University,
Leicester, UK.

NOTE - The UK Course is not to be confused with the

UK Course Schedule



Day 1.
(am) Primer - A swift overview of Radiance.
(pm) Introduction to the ambient calculation.

Day 2.
(am) Mastering the ambient calculation + scripting.
(pm) Problem solving session.

The emphasis will be on understanding the key algorithms
in Radiance and how they are best used to solve practical
daylighting problems. The UNIX version of Radiance
will be used for all demonstrations. Users of PC versions will
still benefit however from a better understanding of general
techniques and problem-solving approaches. Hands-on sessions
will be kept to a minimum because they invariably impede the
progress of courses.

We intend the Course to be mixture of tutorial and responsive
problem solving. So, please bring questions and/or examples
of problems that you have struggled with. There is scope to
use some of your actual Radiance models in the demonstrations.
For this, you will need to contact me in advance of the
Course and email the 3D model in Radiance format together with
a brief description of the problem/scenario. I will include
those example models that best illustrate a particular Radiance
feature or problem solving technique.

We also hope to offer presentations on Radiance-related
software, e.g. SketchUp.

Cost will be about £350 (+VAT) for the two days.
Expect it to be quite intense, but also rewarding.

For accomodation details:

For contact details and updates:

Please email [email protected] asap to reserve a place.

-John Mardaljevic

Dr. John Mardaljevic
Senior Research Fellow
Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development
De Montfort University
The Gateway
+44 (0) 116 257 7972
+44 (0) 116 257 7981 (fax)

[email protected]